Right now, we only offer the Bolt Classic® within Singapore – but it is our most popular model!

The Bolt Classic® only comes in one colour – matte midnight grey.

Why is that?

Well because it’s a beautiful colour. Because it’s uni-sexy. Because everybody loves it.

And because Bolt strives to give you a beautiful every-day bike at a great price, and to do so, that means we we have to create a no-frills shopping experience – it’s the only way to offer you a beautiful bike at a good price.

The following accessories are all compatible with the Bolt Classic foldable bike! (depending on the model, of course):

Water bottle holder, light reflector, hand phone holder, bag, market shopping bag, baby chair, mud guard, rack and a front basket!

At the moment we do not sell any accessories in our store in Singapore. But we will expand our range of products some time soon, stay tuned!