Bolt Classic Foldable Bike

Video Guide Part 1/3: Assembly

Video Guide Part 2/3: Finetune your Gears

Objective: To make the largest sprocket (gear wheel) parallel to the chain

Video Guide Part 3/3: Finetune your Brakes

Objective: To properly finetune brakes so wheels turn smoothly & brakes are responsive

Please note

  • As part of our no-frills philosophy, the bikes are DIY! It’s what allows us to keep the prices low
  • We highly recommend you try to do it yourself, so you can easily keep your bike running smoothly in the long run!
  • However if you need help, please do go to your nearest bike shop to get help fine-tuning your bike
  • Please also note that it is not uncommon for beginner bike riders to think the bike is spoilt, but the bike is always “fixed” with fine-tuning!