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Designed for Comfort.

Our bikes are designed for ease & comfort. From our Capiscoā„¢ bicycle seat, to the ergonomic V-Tuned Geometry frame - the Bolt ClassicĀ® is a joy to ride on.

Light and Portable.

Made of superlight aluminum alloy, the Bolt ClassicĀ® is extremely easy to carry. At only 14.8kg, this bike will be your best friend when commuting around the city or across the countryside.

Move with Speed. Move with Ease.

With the Littoria Comfortā„¢ tires and the Toretto Smooth Speedā„¢ Drivetrain, you will feel yourself glide effortlessly through the city, with the wind on your face.

Compact. Easy to Carry.

Can be stored in minimal space, making it ideal for packed rides on public transport, to fit below the desk in the office, or simply save space at home.

Pedal Slower & Go Further.

The real joy of cycling is riding quickly and without much effort. The XII Drivetrain makes this possible. Being 20% longer than the average drivetrain, a light push of the pedal will take you far and fast.

6-seconds to fold, in 3 easy steps

Thanks to our QuickfoldTM system, within only a matter of seconds you can go from compact to ready to ride and back again for easy transportation.

Risk-Free Purchase